Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Managed Car Parking

You have a car park. People park everywhere. Staff and customers can't find a space. Do you know about the different options available to you?

Of course there are the dreaded clampers; we have all heard the horror stories in the press of rogue clampingcompanies that charge ridiculous prices for release of acar that should not have been clamped in the first place.

In recent years there have been many changes to parking regulations, with the latest addition being that private land owners may now manage their land as the council would manage its streets. Civil Enforcement is not only for the governmentbut also for anyone with a site that people trespass onto and park. Parking tickets may now be issued, and followed through, as your local council would.

Parking Charge Notices have been widely used throughout the UK for many years by local authorities and now private land owners can also benefit from this enforcement system. This has proved to be the most effective deterrent and cost effective solution, to eliminate unauthorised parking on any private land. With more and more vehicles on the roads than ever before and a poor public transport system, if you happen to provide parking for staff, customers, visitors etc, unauthorised vehicles have become more of an issue. The management of this problem is regulated by the British Parking Association who approves companies to use this system under their guidance.


As the recognised authority within the parking industry, the BPA represents, promotes and influences the best interests of the parking and traffic management sectors throughout the UK and Europe.

The BPA commissioned the Childs Report which was completed in June 2005 and was a wide ranging and authoritative review of the first 10 years of Decriminalised Parking Enforcement. The report included 44 recommendations for improvement and many of these are within the new guidance for implementation of Civil Parking Enforcement.

BPA has developed the RECiPE project to assist and guide members to Realise Excellent Civil Parking Enforcement. Realising excellence in Parking is the BPA’s main mission.


A managed car parking service is available to most people who own land that they wish to limit parking on. It involves the use of civil parking enforcement to ensure the smooth running of your site or carpark.

Permits are issued to all those authorised to use the car parking and parking attendants can then cleanse the car park for all those vehicles who park without your authorisation.


There are many companies in the UK offering parking enforcement packages for private carparks. These can easily be found on the internet but how can you be sure of the quality of the service they offer? The Car Parking Partnership was formed to bring the necessary credibility and experience to off street civil parking enforcement. Civil parking enforcement is often a grey area and many private car park owners feel they have no lawful wayof controlling their car parks. The CPP believe in keeping enforcement clear and simple. You need to choose a package that will run your car park in a non-confrontational and totally effective way.


Any private company who experience problems with parking in their carparks will benefit from this professional service. From small car parks with as few as 5 spaces, to larger sites such as sports halls or shopping centres will benefit.


When negotiating your package with your managed car park partner it is possible to agree a share of the income generated from ticketing illegally parked vehicles. Dependant on the size of your car park and the estimated revenue expected from your site you can negotiate a percentage that could generate you a considerable amount of cash.
This can also be applied to any land you have currently not in use.

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